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How To 'Tune' Your Body, Mind And Spirit:
Remove Any Negativity And Manifest Your Day Aligned To Your Intention.
Here’s What You Will Learn In this Free Step By Step Guide...
  • Remove any tension or negativity and turn them into positivity
  • Experience how setting an intention for your day can steer your day to the right direction!
  •  Learn how to align the right essential oils to your intentions
  •  Practice the sun salutations to a speed matching your intention
  •  Tap into a state of abundance by cultivating gratitude
11 page step by step guide towards
manifesting your day aligned to your intention

Who is Lina?

Namaste! I am Lina (Tara is my spiritual name) and I am a yoga teacher. My yoga journey began when I decided to quit my job a few years ago as a forensic scientist to travel the world. 
Along the way, I found my purpose in life to help people find inner peace through yoga.
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Feel free to get connected via facebook messenger or email me at lina.yogatara(at)
DisclaimerPlease note that all results are based on personal effort and dedication to what is taught in this free book. The information provided are based on best practices and for educational purposes only.